Where to use HXA Room Service Add-on?

We are proudly announcing our new Add-on Room Service for the HXA Room Booking Application.


Room Service

Room Service is made for all those Businesses they need some Service like IT-Service or Cleaning for the booked Rooms or want to offer some Drinks or Catering to the people ho have booked the room.

The Room Service Add-on is particularly characterized by the fact that products can be centrally defined within the HXA.io platform and later assigned to the devices activated for ordering.

Functionally, all products can be classified into categories in Room Service in order to ensure a better overview on the HXA Room Booking Dashboard. If necessary, prices can be defined for each product.

An order by the user is sent by e-mail to an e-mail address previously defined for the respective device. It is also possible to send a copy of the order to another email address.